Sunday, 27 April 2014

To Culotte or Not...?

Sorry ladies and gents, I have been elsewhere doing all sorts of things for the last wee while so there's been a pretty extensive radio silence, but I'm now back in the game.

I've been in the Topshop studios last week helping out with styling odds and ends and have noticed a wave of culottes appearing on the rail each day. I have also noticed them cropping up all over the usual online suspects like ASOS, Zara, etc, but have definitely not picked up on too many actual real, out-and-about-on-the-street people adopting the roomy, half trouser look. So, here's my question: How come?

Maybe it's purely down to the weather? Maybe anything calf-exposing is still a step too far in these unreliable early Spring days (Is that the sun coming out? Oh no, there it goes, now it's raining. Bit muggy though. Oh wait, there's the icy wind! Exhausting..), unless you're willing to commit to the hard core fashion culotte and sock combo? Just leaving a cheeky, but brave peek of mid-calf to upper knee?

Maybe we just don't quite know what to make of them yet? I'm not even entirely sure I know how to pronounce it right. C-ul-ottes? Coo-lottes? I've just taken to saying it quickly to avoid any embarrassing faux pas and subsequent fashion shaming. There's interesting proportions at work her too. Not the easiest styling item in the cupboard, especially if you haven't got the pins of Miranda Kerr and like to keep your relationship with heels to a healthy minimum #flats4evs.

I'm pretty sure I like the idea of them. Anything loose and forgiving around the leg is a-ok in my book. So maybe we just need some styling inspiration to see what we're dealing with here? And yes, regrettably it does seem that heels are pretty non-negotiable. Just opt for a chunky mother.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Animals Went in Two by Two, Hurrah!

Well, the Gods have spoken. This new prince clearly displeased them the moment he came into this world, and to show us their umbrage, they've decided to drown us. There is no other explanation for the sudden switch up from toasty 25 degree sunshine filled days, to what can only be described as the prelude to Noah's Ark: The Sequel.

Myself and every other Brit is now kicking themselves for ever complaining about sweaty boobs, broken air con or burnt shoulders, 'cos by the looks of it, those sweet sweet days of sweltering heat are behind us. Welcome back soggy pumps and frizzy, insufferable barnets.

Buuuuut, if you want an upside, then there's always the fun of picking out a new, snazzy mac to whip out at the next downpour. And there was me last week, scoffing dismissively at all the waterproof-wear gracing my usual high street haunts, as I dashed past them in the direction of the nearest crop top...

Here's some of my choice raincoats du jour.

Innabit xo

Rain Rain go away

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Winning Whites

WHOOOOOO MURRAY!!! How amazing was that match?! When he hit the ball and the other guy hit it back, and occasionally it hit the net, or one of them missed it... ok, I didn't actually see the match, but I'm all about having something to celebrate, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon.

Since this is a fashion blog and since I know very little about tennis or the players (for some reason I keep calling Murray 'Henman', even though I'm pretty sure he's been retired for over 5 years) I thought I'd give my little homage to Andy in the form of a slideshow where celebrities showcase some striking white ensembles. Yes, this is just my attempt to make a tedious link between tennis whites and the white fashion trend, but I don't think it'll be long before other bloggers, journalists and fashion conscientious folk start to forge a link between those walking the streets in summer whites and Andy's Wimbledon triumph, so I thought I'd get this party started (or join the party, as the case may be).

Here's some celebs looking sparkling fresh in (mostly) head to toe white for your voyeuristic pleasure...

Innabit ox

White Hot

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Be Bold, Be Bright

Apparently it's not just me who's bumming brights right now, Zara has got a smorgasbord of amazing matchy-matchy summer colours all over the shop (both literal and idiomatic meanings apply) with some bangin' blazer and trouser combos that I drooled over this afternoon. If only I had a garden party or some other champagne socialite event where I could showcase one in all its glory.. although I'm sure I could cope with a few sideways glances down the pub if such an event doesn't crop up.

I'm going to flip through my diary and see if there's anything I can use as complete and unequivocal justification for purchasing one of these excellent ensembles, but in the meantime, here are two creations I've made just to torture myself..
Innabit xo