Saturday, 25 May 2013

Off-Day Pays Off

Went and got papped on Buchanan Street last week by The Evening Times. I don't want to sound like 'that guy' when I say this, and I know i'm going to, but I genuinely threw this outfit together that morning, deciding that I was going to have an 'off-duty' day.

The shirt was bundled up on my chair and the leggings (i'm ashamed to say) were crumpled in a mound of previously worn clothes on the floor. Sorry mum. It was a very 'they'll do' attitude, which is very out of character for me, which i'm going to put down to the endless reel of rubbish weather we've been having. The same rubbish weather that inspired my choice of footwear. Now don't get me wrong, I bum these boots. They are my bezzies. But seeing as it is May, I normally try to put these babies down for their summer hibernation. BUT NO! It's still cold. It's still wet. It's still boot-time. So I opted for practicality, refusing to further batter my poor little pumps who evidently just cant seem to hack it in anything less than a cool summer day. The beanie hat, while very of-the-moment thanks to that hot piece of ass, Cara, was also donned for practical (ish) purposes. Namely that I hadn't bothered to wash my hair. Again, sorry mum. The boyfriend coat is just my go-to top layer right now as we're definitely out of faux fur season, but still just shy of light cardigan season.

I do just think the glasses were the saving grace of this outfit, salvaging me from the brink of trawler-man chic, and tipping me into the realms of stylish city slicker. I think the lesson that we can all take from this is never to underestimate the power of a good pair of sunnies.... and that apparently clothes don't have to be clean to be cool.

Innabit xo  

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Pastels and Pearls

Beautiful Little Fool

Beautiful Little Fools

Went and saw The Great Gatsby last night. Awesome film. Even awesomer clothes. 

Daisy Buchanan's gold-digger-esque nature doesn't exactly sit well with me, but you can understand how a girl could be sucked in by all the sparkly diamonds, pearls and tassles. In true Baz style, the eye candy on offer during the party scenes was turned up to 11, with all the flapper girls and champagne socialites rocking some very shiny and glamourous apparel, making me feel kind of gutted that we don't have glitsy flapper girl performers any more, which isn't the most feminist line of thought, so I take it back. 
I was taking mental snapshots almost continually throughout the film, click-click-clicking any time I spotted some inspiration for my grad ball outfit (So far I have a sparkly nudey/pinky full length dress from Untold, and some gawjus nude Guess heels). I think I’ve found a muse in Daisy as her penchant for pinky, pasteley colours has presented me with rakes of ideas for colour palleting and accessories for my gown (and it does qualify for the status of ‘gown’). If Gatsby’s parties have taught me anything, it’s that an occasion like a grad ball should be seized as an opportunity to glam the funk out. I’m thinking diamonds (genuinely considered buying, wearing, and returning some Swarovski merch, but then reasoned that I’m already too much in debt to risk the bill in the very likely case that the plan goes awry) or some shiny plastic or glass that replicates diamonds to pull of a budget debutant look. Pearls are pretty big on the Gatsby scene, but think I'll keep it minimal and go for a mother of pearl ring. I always prefer piling on the pearls over a plain black T for a sort of sophisticated 'street' look.

Anyone planning on going to see it, prepare to suddenly take note of the possibilities of men's fashion as the idea of 'the gentleman' is reinstated through shiny tuxedos and silk shirts. Gatsby's colour pallet is perfection. How dare Tom rip on him for wearing a pink suit! He should applaud him for pulling off pink and brown. Also, keep an eye out for the beautiful wide-legged trousers Jordan Baker's wearing when you first meet her. Classy wee number.
This lovely lady I bumped into at Glasgow's West End festival is showcasing something similar. J'adore the tough, studded basque top layered over the floaty, ladylike jumpsuit. Plus headscarves are having a moment right now too, so big thumbs up!

I'm going to go play about with some Gatsby inspired looks. I'll throw them on here for y'all to take a look at innabit 



Hello world.

My name's Lauren and I've been wanting to start a fashion blog for a while now so here we are. I've got lots of ideas floating around my bonce, but if this morning's efforts are anything to go by, my blog-tech skills are going to sabotage the caliber of my posts. But onwards and upwards!

The general theme of this blog is going to be street style and new trends as that's mainly what I find myself searching around the web for, so I thought I would share the joy and contribute my own little fashion nugget to the blogosphere. I'll be posting my own lookbook as well seeing as it's probably a bit unfair for me to be picking apart strangers style choices without stepping up to the plate myself.

Chances are, once I've settled in a bit and gotten used to posting and whatnot, i'll end up going off on tangents and chatting about botany of something, but for now i'm offering you fashion. Enjoy.