Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Be Bold, Be Bright

Apparently it's not just me who's bumming brights right now, Zara has got a smorgasbord of amazing matchy-matchy summer colours all over the shop (both literal and idiomatic meanings apply) with some bangin' blazer and trouser combos that I drooled over this afternoon. If only I had a garden party or some other champagne socialite event where I could showcase one in all its glory.. although I'm sure I could cope with a few sideways glances down the pub if such an event doesn't crop up.

I'm going to flip through my diary and see if there's anything I can use as complete and unequivocal justification for purchasing one of these excellent ensembles, but in the meantime, here are two creations I've made just to torture myself..
Innabit xo

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Think Pink

Monday, 10 June 2013

Urban Womad

Since I appear to have NO jolly holiday on the horizon this summer, I have taken to living vicariously though my clothes. Instead of seeing the cascades of backpacker-esque clothing infiltrating the high street this season as a bitter reminder that I am in fact NOT lying on a beach somewhere with the sun in my face, a g&t in my hand and a bright, fabulous sarong slung over my (probably very pink) shoulders, I have decided to see it as a personal challenge to bring the spirit of travel to the streets of Glasgow.

Just because we struggle to scrape highs of 20 degrees, doesn't mean that we aren't entitled to indulge in a sun dress at the first available opportunity!

So, even though I'm pretty sure that our standard '1 week of sunshine a year' allowance has just expired, I refuse to slowly creep back to the chunky knits and nylon leg prisons (or tights as they are more commonly known) of yestermonth. I am showcasing exotic patterns, jelly sandals and bare legs this summer, so help me God! and no amount of lukewarm, sideways rain is going to change that.
You hear me clouds..? Yeh, you 'eard.

Innabit ox  

Monday, 3 June 2013

New Looks at New Look

Whoop Whoop! I've just scored a job at New Look (totally impromptu rhyme there) so I'm now on the hunt for some badass workwear.

I've already managed to steal a peek at the rails on the shop floor while I was being whisked around for my induction so I've got a few mental notes. So far I'm thinking of channeling the likes of Rihianna and Rita Ora for the more colour poppin' and excessive accessories looks and Kate Bosworth and Alexa Chung for the more basic, minimal, chic styles. 

Once I get given the all clear to go nuts on the shop floor, I'll post some looks so you guys can see what I plan to be showcasing while I tend to the people of Glasgow's retail needs. For now though, I've put together a little carousel of lust list items that took my fancy, so have a scan through and see what you think.

Innabit ox    

New Look Summer '13