Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Be Bold, Be Bright

Apparently it's not just me who's bumming brights right now, Zara has got a smorgasbord of amazing matchy-matchy summer colours all over the shop (both literal and idiomatic meanings apply) with some bangin' blazer and trouser combos that I drooled over this afternoon. If only I had a garden party or some other champagne socialite event where I could showcase one in all its glory.. although I'm sure I could cope with a few sideways glances down the pub if such an event doesn't crop up.

I'm going to flip through my diary and see if there's anything I can use as complete and unequivocal justification for purchasing one of these excellent ensembles, but in the meantime, here are two creations I've made just to torture myself..
Innabit xo

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