Saturday, 25 May 2013

Off-Day Pays Off

Went and got papped on Buchanan Street last week by The Evening Times. I don't want to sound like 'that guy' when I say this, and I know i'm going to, but I genuinely threw this outfit together that morning, deciding that I was going to have an 'off-duty' day.

The shirt was bundled up on my chair and the leggings (i'm ashamed to say) were crumpled in a mound of previously worn clothes on the floor. Sorry mum. It was a very 'they'll do' attitude, which is very out of character for me, which i'm going to put down to the endless reel of rubbish weather we've been having. The same rubbish weather that inspired my choice of footwear. Now don't get me wrong, I bum these boots. They are my bezzies. But seeing as it is May, I normally try to put these babies down for their summer hibernation. BUT NO! It's still cold. It's still wet. It's still boot-time. So I opted for practicality, refusing to further batter my poor little pumps who evidently just cant seem to hack it in anything less than a cool summer day. The beanie hat, while very of-the-moment thanks to that hot piece of ass, Cara, was also donned for practical (ish) purposes. Namely that I hadn't bothered to wash my hair. Again, sorry mum. The boyfriend coat is just my go-to top layer right now as we're definitely out of faux fur season, but still just shy of light cardigan season.

I do just think the glasses were the saving grace of this outfit, salvaging me from the brink of trawler-man chic, and tipping me into the realms of stylish city slicker. I think the lesson that we can all take from this is never to underestimate the power of a good pair of sunnies.... and that apparently clothes don't have to be clean to be cool.

Innabit xo  

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