Thursday, 23 May 2013


Hello world.

My name's Lauren and I've been wanting to start a fashion blog for a while now so here we are. I've got lots of ideas floating around my bonce, but if this morning's efforts are anything to go by, my blog-tech skills are going to sabotage the caliber of my posts. But onwards and upwards!

The general theme of this blog is going to be street style and new trends as that's mainly what I find myself searching around the web for, so I thought I would share the joy and contribute my own little fashion nugget to the blogosphere. I'll be posting my own lookbook as well seeing as it's probably a bit unfair for me to be picking apart strangers style choices without stepping up to the plate myself.

Chances are, once I've settled in a bit and gotten used to posting and whatnot, i'll end up going off on tangents and chatting about botany of something, but for now i'm offering you fashion. Enjoy.

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